The Waterbug App is intended for use in South-eastern Australia.

If you are interested in Waterbugs from this part of the world, you might find The Waterbug Book worth a look ((Published 2002 by CSIRO Publishing – we made it as well).  It has more info and more photos.

The keys we use are available from the ALT project as pdf documents:  http://www.thewaterbug.net/ALT.html  they are free for anyone to use under a Creative Commons License.

This App was greatly improved by the following people helping with Beta testing:

Regina Magierowski, Jo Wood, Trish grant …………………Thanks!

The Waterbug app team was:

Michael Sharman – Coding / Design

Mandy Hall – Graphic Design /  User testing

John Gooderham –  Design / Content

Edward Tsyrlin and Tom Sloane – Content

The Waterbug App is maintained with the kind assistance of the Australian Museum:

The Australian Museum has more than 18 million objects representing a timeline of the environmental and cultural histories of the Australian and Pacific regions.

The focus of the Australian Museum Research Institute is on a number of today’s major challenges:

–           climate change impacts on biodiversity;

–           the detection and biology of pest species

–           understanding what constitutes and influences effective biodiversity conservation.


The Australian Museum appreciates the contribution that the public makes to our scientific knowledge by continuing its long history of citizen science and is involved in some of Australia’s most well known citizen science projects.