The App was crafted for smartphones originally, but it does work on tablets/ipads.

Minimum Requirements :
  • Android version 2.3.3 or greater
  • iOS (Apple iphone) – iOS 6.0 operating system or better (newer?)
  • unfortunately we don’t have the resources to do Windows  phone as well …but hope to in the future

The Waterbug App uses ALT (Agreed Level Taxonomy ) developed by The Waterbug Company .  It was developed for Victoria, Australia originally, but works well in NSW and South Australia.  There are a bunch of waterbugs from the tropics that don’t fit the keys ….and Tasmania has weird things like Crypturoperla paradoxa  (a stonefly)and Anaspides tasmaniae (mountain shrimp) …neither of which will key out.  Eventually with time and money we would like to expand the keys to cover all of Australia.  It is really unlikely to work in the USA, Europe or the rest of the world…you guys have very different waterbugs.


will be released under an open source license, most likely GPL3