How to use the App (ID)


Robust backswimmer


Use the KEY by tapping the option that best describes the waterbug you want to identify.  Eventually you’ll end up with a name!

If you go the wrong way tap “Go back” until the key makes sense again.

Tap the LIST or SPEEDBUG icons if you want to use them instead of the KEY at any time.

SPEEDBUG allows you to shortcut some of the KEY. Scroll the screen to the right to find your waterbug.  Simple animals like worms are on the left of the screen, and more complicated animals with more “bits” are further to the right.  “Not Sure?” bars combine waterbugs that look similar.Tapping “Not Sure?” pops you into the key at the point where the similar waterbugs are seperated with simple questions ….answer the questions and you’ll get a name for your waterbug.

Already know what your bug is, but you’d like some more info?  Use the list to select the name of your waterbug.  If the name you choose covers several different waterbugs, you’ll be sent to the KEY to answer a couple of questions.

This is where you want to get to.

The ID screen shows pictures of your waterbug (as a gallery with Zoom), and movies to show you how they move!